August 2013 Camping Trip

Just spent 9 nights at our favorite campground, Saugeen Springs RV Park , situated along the Saugeen River near Hanover, Ontario.  We couldn't have asked for better weather.  Our little heater was put to good use during the cooler nights, while the days remained perfectly suited to swimming, fishing, and campfires. Setup on our favorite site - C6: A messy, but functional galley.  You can see the clothes line in action. I say this is "cleaned up".  My wife says this is "staged" for curious visitors.     Under bunk storage, doing a good job:  Another view of the campsite: Picnic table and private beach (could you ask for anything more?):   A view up river from our site:   A view down river from our site:  Father and daughter fishing for Chub.  We caught over 20 of them.  A leisurely start to our day.  Fruit Loops by the campfire. Tubing with friends:

One Year Later

It's been 1 year to the day since I began this blog, and I'm always amazed by the number of people visiting it.  Plans still continue to evolve for my little camper and I'm already getting prepared for the upcoming camping season. On my hit list this year: 1.  Install outdoor lights on each side of the trailer. UPDATE :  Added a solar LED floodlight to each side of the trailer for outside illumination.  They work great!  I bought them from Lowes, and they're 16x brighter than typical LED lights.  They don't last the whole night, but provide plenty of light if used only when needed (e.g., midnight visits to the potti).  They're even removable for highway travel or for using with ground stakes.   STATUS = DONE! One of the solar lights attached to the side of the trailer: Detail of mount: 2.  Re-organize the kitchen area to make better use of space.  Last year I found myself having to search for everyday items, which was very annoying. UPDATE

Let There Be Heat

My family decided to go camping over the Thanksgiving long weekend.  Unfortunately, the weather was calling for cold rainy days with possible frost / light snow.  Yikes!!!!  A quick search on kijiji provided me with a used space heater / fan which I mounted underneath my daughters bunk.  I also verified the draw on the electrical system to reduce any chances of blown fuses. In my enthusiasm, however, I neglected to ensure the heater included a thermostat (which it did not), so the unit was always either ON or OFF.  To make the best of the situation, the ample heat was circulated around the cabin by use of our main cabin fan and the temperature was regulated by leaving one window open.  This resulted in very comfortable sleeping conditions.  :)) I may consider purchasing a new space heater (with thermostat) in the spring to replace the existing unit.

Camping At Last

Just a few pics of the camper in action.  It worked like a charm.  Total of 16 nights camping.  Weather varied from +40 (with humidity) during the day to +10 at night.  Also saw approx. 5 days of hard rain -- no leaks!!!  :)))) Modifications for next year will include a portable heater (+10 is f'n cold at night), and the addition of side awnings to make it easier to enter / exit the camper in inclement weather.  I may also look into the addition of an exterior side mounted counter with sink. Just as a note, the trailer tows like a dream and the removable tarp worked very well as a way to adjust the cabin temperature during warm, clear nights.  Just roll it back a few feet, and the warm interior cabin air just disappears.  Plus, with the cabin fan running, the interior temperature remained quite tolerable. Oh, and before I forget, this little camper was quite the hit at the campground.  We had many people stop by for visits and to check it all out.  We've even been questio


I was reminded yesterday that I had neglected to show the final stages of my build, which is probably OK -- seeing as though I have been busy camping in my little trailer.  :)  Below should be enough to quell everyone's remaining curiosity. Added an electrical hookup using a bit of plumbing with screw on cap: Cap off: How the electrical hook-up looks inside my lower cabinet:   Back hatch complete with tail lights and trim:     Inside the rear hatch:   Close up of electrical (GFCI) outlet in the galley:  Left hatch support arm and tail light wiring: Added chains and springs to all doors to stop the wind from catching them: Inside the cabin area.  Added electrical outlets and fixtures (fan and light), plus a few hooks for various things:    Added the vinyl tarp: Tarp is held on by snaps.  BTW, sewing marine vinyl is a pain in the arse. Added a vinyl strip over the rear hatch hinge