One Year Later

It's been 1 year to the day since I began this blog, and an amazing 12,350 page views.  Plans still continue to evolve for my little camper and I'm already getting prepared for the upcoming camping season.

On my hit list this year:

1.  Install outdoor lights on each side of the trailer.

UPDATE:  Added a solar LED floodlight to each side of the trailer for outside illumination.  They work great!  I bought them from Lowes, and they're 16x brighter than typical LED lights.  They don't last the whole night, but provide plenty of light if used only when needed (e.g., midnight visits to the potti).  They're even removable for highway travel or for using with ground stakes.  STATUS = DONE!

One of the solar lights attached to the side of the trailer:

Detail of mount:

2.  Re-organize the kitchen area to make better use of space.  Last year I found myself having to search for everyday items, which was very annoying.

UPDATE:  Besides simply packing items in different cupboards, I also moved the paper towel holder to increase the usable counter space.  Additionally, as our plates did not fit in any of the upper cupboards, I decided to attach them to the galley wall with some elastic cord where they remain easily accessible.  STATUS = DONE!

A photo showing the new galley layout:

3.  We need a clothes line.  With no place to dry wet dish cloths, towels, or clothes - items remain damp longer than I'd like.

UPDATE:  I strung a piece of elastic cord along the back edge of the galley hatch.  When not in use, it stays nicely tucked away yet remains conveniently close when needing to hang wet items.  As it's under the hatch, items are also protected from any inclement weather.  Works great!  STATUS = DONE!

The elastic clothes line:

4.  Better waterproofing is needed.  With an unexpectedly heavy rail fall on our way camping last month, we were greeted by 1" deep water throughout the galley upon arriving at our site.  Water had also entered the main cabin and wet all of our bedding.  Not fun!!!!!

UPDATE:  I replaced some faulty weather stripping around the cabin area and removed the vinyl strip previously used to cover/protect the galley hinge.  I then used a piece of bicycle inner tube to cover the hinge and held it in place with metal strips and silicone caulking along each side.  It also overlaps the edges of the trailer by approx. 1".  I'm confident this system will work much better than the last.  STATUS = DONE!

New weatherproofing along the galley hinge:

Detailed view of weatherproofing:

5.  Install a bed rail on my daughter's bunk.  She seems to have a habit of rolling out of bed at night (and landing on my wife and I).  We all agree a rail would be beneficial for everyone. 

UPDATE:  Bed rail is now complete; just in time for 9 nights of camping.  The rail extends 1/2 the length of my daughters bed, and should be plenty long enough to keep her secure.  I even added a cup holder for her, so she wouldn't accidentally spill her drink in the night.  STATUS = DONE!

My daughter showing off her new bed rail:

A view of the empty cup holder:

Cup holder with cup:

6.  Install some interior storage under my daughter's bunk.  This would only be a few inches deep, but allow for stowing clothes/items during the night. 

UPDATE:  I decided to use mesh fabric (like cargo netting) and elastic cord to make three storage compartments (two under my daughter's bunk, and one on the rear wall).  This is sufficient to accommodate storing a change of clothes, pajamas, electronics, etc. out of the way without adding hardly any weight to the trailer.  STATUS = DONE!

Here you can see two of the storage areas, as well as the space heater installed last fall.

Elastic cord holds items securely:

Storage along the rear wall of my daughter's bunk:

Detail of corners:

7.  Purchase a camping toilet.  Last year we made it through the season with an "emergency bucket" kept in our adjacent tent.  This year, we'll be upgrading to a full sized port-a-potti which should last a few days before needing to be emptied.

UPDATE:  I purchased a used port-a-potti off kijij (with extra large holding tank) for $25.  It was in good condition, but needed to be cleaned.  Nevertheless, it is now very clean and works great.  The port-a-potti is sufficient to last a full 7 days without needing to be emptied.  Both wife and daughter are now MUCH happier, which makes MY vacation THAT much better!  STATUS = DONE!

8.  Due to the weight of the cooler and frequency of which we access it, I think it would be more convenient if the cooler sat on a slide-out shelf.


9.  Add a removable exterior counter with sink that attaches to the side of the camper.  This should provide us with more kitchen space, and a convenient location to clean up any dirty dishes.


10.  Purchase a rain shelter to sit over the galley end of the camper.  We used a tarp last summer (fixed to the camper and strung up into the trees), but found this a little cumbersome when opening/closing the galley hatch. 


11.  Purchase some outdoor carpet to help reduce the amount of dirt carried into the camper, and to provide a cleaner/more comfortable camping area during rainy/muddy times.  Also, purchase a few folding tables for convenience. 


12.  Install awnings on both sides of the trailer.  A large awning (approx. 6'x8') on one side, and a smaller awning (approx. 4'x4') on the other side.  This will provide us with more "living space" on those rainy days so we're not confined to the inside of the camper, and should make entering/exiting the camper in the rain a little more convenient. 


That's the list.  Keep watching for my photo entries documenting the progress on my little camper.  I anticipate re-claiming the garage as a workshop in a week or so... and then the fun begins.



  1. Ken, I love what you've already done and what you're planning to do. Any updates on your progress would be great. ~Amy

    1. Thanks for your comment, Amy! It's nice to hear from someone once in a while -- it's proof people actually read my blog. LOL!

      I've not made much further progress on my camper since my last post; however, I do still plan on making a sliding shelf for the cooler, plus a removable exterior counter to house a small sink. Other tentative plans are to create a removable screen room off the galley, and to extend the tongue box to include the full width of the trailer - to allow for some internal storage compartments at the front of the camper.

      So many plans, so little time! Argh!


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