Let There Be Heat

My family decided to go camping over the Thanksgiving long weekend.  Unfortunately, the weather was calling for cold rainy days with possible frost / light snow.  Yikes!!!!  A quick search on kijiji provided me with a used space heater / fan for $10 which I mounted underneath my daughters bunk.  I also verified the draw on the electrical system to reduce any chances of blown fuses.

In my enthusiasm, however, I neglected to ensure the heater included a thermostate (which it did not), so the unit was always either ON or OFF.  To make the best of the situation, the ample heat was circulated around the cabin by use of our main cabin fan and the temperature was regulated by leaving one window open.  This resulted in very comfortable sleeping conditions.  :))

I may consider purchasing a new space heater (with thermostat) in the spring to replace the existing unit.


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