I was reminded yesterday that I had neglected to show the final stages of my build, which is probably OK -- seeing as though I have been busy camping in my little trailer.  :)  Below should be enough to quell everyone's remaining curiosity.

Added an electrical hookup using a bit of plumbing with screw on cap:

Cap off:

How the electrical hook-up looks inside my lower cabinet:

Back hatch complete with tail lights and trim:


Inside the rear hatch:

Close up of electrical (GFCI) outlet in the galley:

 Left hatch support arm and tail light wiring:

Added chains and springs to all doors to stop the wind from catching them:

Inside the cabin area.  Added electrical outlets and fixtures (fan and light), plus a few hooks for various things:


Added the vinyl tarp:

Tarp is held on by snaps.  BTW, sewing marine vinyl is a pain in the arse.

Added a vinyl strip over the rear hatch hinge to weather seal it.  Tarp rolled up:

View from front (tarp rolled up):

Detail of opened window:


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