Camping At Last

Just a few pics of the camper in action.  It worked like a charm.  Total of 16 nights camping.  Weather varied from +40 (with humidity) during the day to +10 at night.  Also saw approx. 5 days of hard rain -- no leaks!!!  :))))

Modifications for next year will include a portable heater (+10 is f'n cold at night), and the addition of side awnings to make it easier to enter / exit the camper in inclement weather.  I may also look into the addition of an exterior side mounted counter with sink.

Just as a note, the trailer tows like a dream and the removable tarp worked very well as a way to adjust the cabin temperature during warm, clear nights.  Just roll it back a few feet, and the warm interior cabin air just disappears.  Plus, with the cabin fan running, the interior temperature remained quite tolerable.

Oh, and before I forget, this little camper was quite the hit at the campground.  We had many people stop by for visits and to check it all out.  We've even been questioned at gas stations and convenience stores by friendly people wanting to know more about where we got our camper, and were amazed that we had built this ourselves.  Many even suggested manufacturing these for others, but as I've got zero business sense, that'll likely never happen.  :)))))

Hooked up and ready to go:

Setup at campsite.  We used the tent to store wet shoes and the port-a-potty, and for changing out of wet clothes:

Side view of the camper.  A tarp is being attached over the rear galley, preparing for a rainy day :

A view of my daughter's bunk (complete with her Disney Fairy clock and painting):

Th-th-th-that's all folks!!!!  Thanks for checking out my blog.  I hope it's given you a little insight into how to build a camper for yourselves or, in the very least, entertained you.  Hope to see you camping!

If you live in the K-W area and want more info, feel free to email me at


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