The End is Near

OK... I admit it... I'm WAYYYY behind in my posts.  Construction has simply continued to progress on the trailer at a pace difficult to maintain an up-to-date blog.  So, this post will hopefully bring you all up to speed.

Lower galley doors installed, painted, and trimmed:

Lower galley door locks:

Lower galley doors opened:

Main doors installed, painted, and trimmed:

Screens installed in windows & doors, and door jambs installed:

Installed drip cap over all doors and windows:

Water jugs in place:

 Installed windows, window latches, and weather stripping:

Installed screen roofing, weather stripping, and mattresses:


Completed weather stripping the doors:

 Framed the upper galley hatch:

 Hung the curtains:



And now, you know the rest of the story!!!!


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