Lots of Little Things

It's been a busy few days, and I've got a lot of things completed.  Woohoo!!!!  Just scroll down and check out my pics.  :)

Cupboard doors installed, painted, trimmed, and hardware added:

Close-up of a 45 degree mitre joint on the trim (I had to MacGyver a jig for these...):

Trimmed out the rear windows:

Completed the tongue box and bed / shelf:

The bed / shelf.  (I used 3/4" boards dowelled and glued together, supported by three 2x2's underneath.)  It can support 2 adults without breaking a sweat; hopefully, it will hold up to my daughters torture for the next several years.

Weather stripping installed on the tongue box:

Metal drip edge installed on the back bumper.  A 1/2" jamb (still needs caulking and painting) was installed to provide a stop for the lower galley doors.  It will also serve as a barrier to keep water from running under the doors into the galley.

Close-up of the metal drip edge:


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