The Funny Thing Abount Blueprints

Looking back over my posts, I realized that I never updated my blueprints.  The front end of the camper has stayed pretty much the same; the back end, however, has changed dramatically.

It's not rounded off at the top, the shelf / bed placement has shifted a bit, and the upper cupboards are completely new.  I've also changed the window shape & size, squared off the corners on the doors, shifted the wall positions, and added the roofing spars.  The tongue box is also an addition.

I think blueprints were advantageous at the beginning, as they really made me think about the design, what was needed, and what obstacles might be encountered along the way.  The funny thing about blueprints, however, is that they are not fluid.  I like to consider them more of a guide or helpful suggestion.  They're great for big picture things, but not so useful when you need to change tack or modify things as you go.

Just sayin'!!!!!  :)


  1. I have become hooked on this thing.

  2. Glad to hear you're enjoying my blog! :) It's been a fun adventure.


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