Bondo Ain't So Much Fun

Finally got around to filling in all the holes & cracks with Bondo.  It makes for pretty quick work, but remember to open your garage door first... otherwise, it tends to give you a headache and make you see pink elephants!!  :))))

Aside from the addition of Bondo, I also sanded all the Bondo (a much more enjoyable task -- NOT), added the upper cabinet interior dividers, rear bumper, tongue box, and interior shelf / bed support.

I also picked up two 7 gallon water jugs (for up to 150lbs of additional tongue weight), plus some 1/4" smoked lexan from kijiji, custom cut to fit all four windows.  (I love kijiji...)

Cabinets & Bondo:

Tongue box and Bondo:

Interior shelf / bed support (and Bondo):

PINK ELEPHANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Water jugs:



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