Wood is H - E - A - V - Y!!!!!!!!

Spent my morning double & triple checking measurements before heading over to Home Depot to purchase my wood.  Unfortunately, as I don't have lights or a floor on my trailer, I was reliant on renting a cargo van from Home Depot in order to transport my wood home.  As there were other people with this same thought in mind, I had to wait approx. 4hrs before I could rent it out for my purpose.

With the van finally rented ($23.79), I collected my wood ($209.15) and various bolts, screws, washers, nuts, glue, etc. ($51.57) and delivered it all to my garage.

Just gotta say... after getting the wood off the shelving at Home Depot, loading it into the van, unloading the van at my house, and relocating the wood into my garage... dang that wood gets heavy.  Sooooo glad I didn't get the 3/4" plywood -- it would have hospitalized me.  :))

Testing out the first piece of flooring (temporarily) to see how it feels.  My little helper gave it her seal of approval:

Total build cost so far: $1254.39 

(Still have to buy:  roof spars, screen, tarp, trim, hinges, weather stripping, paint, door knobs, and mattresses.

Cost is getting up there, but I'm sure it will be worth it!!  Just gonna have to kijiji a few more things, in order to keep funding this little project!)


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