The Walls are Up!!!!

Another productive day!

My brother came over to help get the walls up on the trailer.  We decided to rest the walls directly on the floor, as opposed to bolting them to the side.  This way, the floor would carry the vertical load of the walls, instead of a few bolts.  The upside of this method is an additional 2.125" of head room.  The down side is the loss of 4.25" interior floor space.  No worries though; still plenty of room to tuck in the bedding.

We started by drawing the profile of a wall onto a sheet of 5/8" plywood.  This included a 24" arc for the front curve, plus a door and small window.  Next, we cut out the wall profile using a jig saw and used the first completed wall as a template for the second.  After cutting out both walls they were clamped together and belt sanded to match.

I realized afterwards that I neglected to lower the doors to compensate for the new wall placement.  As such, the threshold is 7" above the floor.  Not a huge issue, but a bit more of a lip than I had intended.  I'll just have to remember to bring a stool along so my daughter can enter/exit the trailer on her own.

The curb side wall went up first.  It was glued and screwed in place, and temporary supports put in place to ensure it didn't topple over (although, I think there was very little chance of that happening).  After the second wall was attached, two temporary 1"x2" spars were used to secure them together.

Not too shabby looking... I can finally get a sense of the size.  Standing beside the trailer, it's as tall as I am (~5'10").  Inside, I can sit/kneel comfortably while my daughter walks upright.

Walls in place:

Total build cost so far: $1324.66


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