Slowly Moving Forward

Turns out I strained my wrist while removing all the carriage bolts holding down the old floor of the trailer.  Argh!!!!!  I'm now paying the price; I can hardly move my wrist without causing myself great pain.  Thankfully, I did manage to remove the old trailer coupler and wire brush the entire frame to remove most of the rust, but that's about it.  But... that just means more time for prep work.

Recent purchases include new lights & wiring ($47.73), wheel chocks ($10.05), rust proof spray paint ($13.53), new coupler ($14.68), and mounting hardware ($6.34).  I have also re-thought the use of the original stabilizers and have decided to use four 2-ton jack stands instead ($56.48).

I've also taken some time to source different building materials for the floor, walls, and roof -- as well as tweaking my building plans (but that's another post...).

Total build cost so far: $969.88


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