My, Don't You Clean Up Well!!!

Well, after numerous days work, the trailer frame is looking pretty darn good.  I wire brushed the top and sides twice using the drill attachment, which removed all the visible surface rust.  I then considered turning the frame over to duplicate this on the bottom, but two very important things stopped me from doing so:

1)  After inspecting the bottom of the trailer frame, I was surprised to find very little rust.  It appears that most of the rust formed between the floor of the trailer and the top of the frame where it was attached.

2)  The frame is REALLY FREAKIN' HEAVY!!!!!!  :))

After the dust had settled, I removed the old coupler and applied a coat of glossy black rust paint.  After waiting overnight, a second coat was applied and the following day the trailer looked shiny and new.

I then attempted to install the new coupler I had purchased.  WTF???  The holes didn't line up, so I took some time (waaaayyyy too long) drilling out the holes to compensate for someone else's crooked eyes.  The coupler then fit without any issues, so I attached the safety chains and bolted it all together with the new hardware I had purchased previously.

My new coupler:

Painted frame (with jack stands and wheel chocks):

Close-up of jack stand:

Trailer light set (to be installed later in the build):


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