Got Floor???

Finally making some real progress.

After cutting the wood for my flooring, I dry fit it to get the best possible alignment.  I decided to ensure the flooring was as flush as possible along the edges of the trailer, and made plans to go back and fill any gap between the two sections.  (The gap would be over a 2"x3", so no build integrity would be compromised.)

Next, I snapped chalk lines to use as a guide when screwing the flooring down.  I then applied Gorilla Wood Glue to the framing, repositioned the flooring, and screwed the wood down using 1.25" screws.  (I would have preferred 1.5" screws, but had none on hand.  Figuring they'd be overkill anyway, I decided to proceed with the shorter ones.)

After letting the entire assembly sit overnight, I mixed up some wood glue with a handful of sawdust (best wood fill ever) and applied it to the gap running the length of the trailer.  Once dried, a quick pass with the belt sander should finish the job nicely.

Flooring in place; applying the wood fill:

My little helper getting distracted by a birthday phone call:

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!!!!  :)


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