I'm apparently never satisfied with anything and, as such, have continued to modify & tweak my trailer design up until today.  BUT... I think I've finally worked it all out.  I had started with a Generic Benroy design, and have now moved to a modified Rimple design instead.

Here are my plans:
This design uses 5/8" plywood for all surfaces (i.e., floor, walls, bulk heads, doors, shelves, etc.).  I decided to use 5/8" ply instead of 3/4" mainly due to the additional weight the 3/4" would have added.  I need to keep my weight fully loaded under 1000lbs, so every measure must be considered.  (At almost 75lbs per sheet of 3/4" ply, that weight adds up quickly.)

The design incorporates a removable bunk for my daughter measuring 66" x 29.25".  It'll be outfitted with a 2" thick medium density foam mattress, while my wife and I will share a 3" thick medium density foam queen size mattress.

The roof of the main cabin will be screened and have a removable marine grade vinyl tarp that fastens to the exterior walls.  The rear galley will be two-fold; the lower galley will be encased in plywood, with removable panels that become additional counter space / tables.  The upper galley will have a hatch which opens upwards and will be skinned in 5.2"" plywood.  My wife and I both felt it was important to have the entire galley protected from animals by covering it all in wood, instead of simply extending the roof tarp.  Raccoons will find it more difficult to steal our food this way.

I'm still working out window designs & opening mechanisms, as regular windows are WAAYYYY too expensive and heavy for this build.  I'll also be wiring this build with standard 120v household outlets for when we're hooked up to campground power.

My final consideration with this build is the axle location and fore vs aft weigh distribution.  With my axle being centred in my frame, it will not offset the weight of the galley as much as I'd like (and need).  To compensate for this, I will need to add additional weight to the front of the trailer.  (I'm guessing approx. 100lbs should do the trick.)  This works out well for me, as I am planning to build a tongue box to carry 10-15 gallons of water that will be used to feed the sink in the galley.  Each 5 gallon jug will weight approx. 45lbs when filled.  Problem solved!!!!!!  (I just love it when a plan comes together.....)

Next stop, Home Depot to purchase my wood.


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