Take it All Off

After backing the trailer into my garage, I got straight to stripping -- the trailer, that is.

I removed the snap down cover (icky), canvas (nasty & stinky), fold out bunks (pain in the arse), and interior lining (crap).  I considered keeping and refinishing the tongue platform, but as it was meant to hold a propane tank, I decided to remove it too.  I'm not running any propane lines on this build.

Here's the platform I removed (including propane tank tie down rods laying on top):

The trailer is now just an empty metal shell with a wooden floor.  I plan to remove all remaining traces of the original trailer (including wiring) in the next few days and refinish any parts of the chasis requiring attention.  I don't anticipate a lot of chasis work, but hope to inspect the coupler, axle, leaf springs, and repack the bearings during this process as well.

A few shots of the stripped trailer:


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