OK... just to be clear... this is my first blog ever, so don't expect too much of me.  (I'm really not a writer.)

This is a photo blog of my experience building my Teardrop Trailer.  It's purpose is to help others who are considering building their own Teardrop, while maintaining a record of my own build plan.  I do have some general knowledge of carpentry, but have never attempted anything like this before.  Should be a fun time!!!!!!!

For those wondering what the heck a Teardrop Trailer is... it's a small trailer (typically 4'x8') shaped kinda like an egg, although there are many variations on this.  A Teardrop tends to sleep two people inside, with an exterior galley kitchen hidden under a hatch at the rear of the trailer.  These trailers weigh significantly less than other campers and are easily towed by small 4-cylinder vehicles.

I won't attempt to provide any further info on Teardrop Trailers... just Google it.  There's lots of info available on the web.


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