License and Registration, Please!

Today, I contacted my car insurance company to ensure the trailer would be covered under my current policy.  It is!!!!  For liability coverage only, it cost approx. $13.50 for an entire year.  Awesome!

Unfortunately, I was also informed that, upon modifying the trailer, the insurance company would no longer insure it (as it would be classified as a "home build") and suggested that I seek 3rd party insurance coverage at that time.  Seriously?!?!?!????

After getting off the phone with the insurance agent, I popped over to the nearest MTO (Service Canada) office to complete the transfer / registration of the trailer.  While I was there, I explained to the attendant that I would be stripping the trailer to the frame and re-building a new camper on top.  I also inquired whether I would need to re-register / re-plate the "new" trailer upon completion.  The attendant indicated this was not the case, and was very helpful by suggesting that I engrave the existing trailer's VIN on the new Teardrop to avoid any confusion in the future.  She also informed me that insurance is not mandatory on trailers.  In that case, my insurance company can stuff it!!!  (Thanks for the tips, Dawn -- I hope they get your air conditioning fixed soon!)

All in all, a quick and painless morning costing a total of $75.00 (including validation, registration, and plates).

Total build cost to so far: $375.00

Next stop, installing a trailer hitch.


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