It's not the Size the Matters

My trailer is currently fitted with 8" tires, mounted on a 3-leaf spring suspension, below the chasis (i.e., they don't stick out the sides, the trailer bed is build out over top of them).  They're rated at 590lbs at 60psi.

Here's a shot of the axle and tires:

The tires certainly aren't very large (I would have preferred 12"), but they're round and they roll.  Unfortunately, replacing them with larger tires may be difficult, as there is very little clearance between the existing tires and the underside of the trailer bed (only 2.5" at best).  Replacing the tires would require raising the flooring material or building in a wheel well.

I don't mind raising the floor, but a wheel well would eat up too much valuable interior floor space. Fortunately, I plan to build the trailer as light as possible, nowhere near the 1180lbs limit of my tires (590lbs per tire).  So I'll continue with the build as scheduled.


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