The Trouble with Gettin' Hitched

My next step today was making arrangements for the installation of a hitch and wiring harness on my 2007 Kia Rondo.

I began by heading over to Canadian Tire to inquire about the cost & timeline for this.  After a brief conversation with the person at the service counter, I was provided with a quote over $500.00 and an explanation that they do not carry a wiring harness for my vehicle; as such, they would need to do the wiring "old school" which would take longer.  Bite me!!!!!

I then contacted my local Kia dealership, expecting to pay more - but figuring they would have access to a wiring harness and be able to complete the install correctly.  The service rep quoted me (again) over $500.00 for the installation, including their wiring harness which cost approx. $95.00.  What???  Kia can bite me, too!!!!

My next thought was to contact a local welding shop to see if they could provide a less expensive solution; however, I decided against this for reasons I have since forgotten.  (Don't judge me... It's been a long day...)

I then remembered one of the local U-Haul stores (located conveniently close to my work) also installs hitches.  After a brief read through several positive reviews on their website, I decided to give them a call.  The person I spoke with was very pleasant and provided me with a quote of $286.91 (including wiring harness and taxes)

BINGO!!!!!  I scheduled the install for Thursday and have since emailed the fellow I purchased my trailer from to inform him that I can pick-up the unit later that evening.


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