Chasis Success

After scouring Kijiji (keywords: "tent trailer" and "utility trailer"), I was rewarded with two possible solutions to my chasis problem.  The first, a 6'x8' trailer made from the remnants of a pop-up tent trailer; the other a 1967 soft-top tent trailer approx. 5'x8'.  After contacting both sellers, it was confirmed that both trailers were still available.  Sweet!

My wife and I decided a 5'x8' trailer might be best, so I contacted the seller to arrange a viewing.

The trailer turned out to be a real winner as the seller had replaced the frame, axle, wheels (including two spares), and suspension just 5yrs ago.  With limited use since, there was next to no rust on any of these components.  It even has it's four original stabilizers and measures 5'6"x8' -- Niiicceeee.  To top it off, the seller even decided to provide a 2" ball hitch and will hold the trailer at his place until I can arrange the installation of a tow package on my vehicle.

Everything above the frame, however, has to be removed as the floor is rotting, the box falling apart, and the canvas is pretty nasty as well -- but I really didn't plan on keeping these parts anyway.

Total build cost so far: $300.00

Next stop, insurance & registration.


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