All Hitched Up

Yesterday, I finally had my hitch and wiring installed at U-Haul.  They did a great job and cost approx. half of what Canadian Tire and Kia were asking.  My total bill (including a 1 7/8" ball, a Class II 3 1/8" rise ball mount, hitch pin, and storage bag) came to $341.66.

That brings my total build cost so far to: $716.66
My only complaint with the install was that they routed the wiring harness into a storage compartment in the back of my car, which can be pulled out the back door when towing the trailer.  I would have preferred to the wires mounted under the rear bumper -- so may reroute these in the future.

Here's a shot of where the wiring harness is currently routed. (I've got it hung out the back of my car in this photo.)

I arranged to pickup the trailer after dinner.  After a quick check of the trailer lights (which needed some "gentle encouragement" to function... <cough> Smack! <cough>), I was hitched up and ready to go.

NOT!!!!!  Turned out one tire was nearly flat.  After a closer inspection, I deemed it would get me to the nearest gas station where I could add some air.  After topping up the tire, the rest of the drive home was uneventful.

Safe & sound in my driveway.  Those years in the military backing up MLVW's with 10K generators didn't go to waste.  :)

Next stop, stripping the trailer down to the frame.


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